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About Us

CUFSLP (Callahan Credit Union Financial Services Limited Partnership) is a partnership comprised of executives from 26 leading credit unions across the United States that looks to develop collaborative solutions to enhance the value and impact of credit unions and the communities they serve. The Partnership represents more than $100 billion in assets and over 7.5 million member-owners.


The History of CUFSLP

1988 – CUFSLP & TCU Money Market Portfolio Formed

1991 – TCU Ultra Short Duration Portfolio

1992 – TCU Short Duration Portfolio

1993 – TCU Target Maturity Portfolio & IBM Retail Funds

1995 – Credit Union Online Organizational Link (COOL)

1998 – Committee of 70 Million

2001 – Internet Strategy Consortium

2004 – Student Lending & HSAs Research

2005 – Procura

2006 – WiFi Deployment

2008 – CU StudentChoice

2014 – Big Data Project

Strategic Dialogue, Executive Networking , and Collaborative Initiatives

Current Initiatives

Balance Sheet Mgmt.Community ReinvestmentFinancial HealthFintech Network
balance sheet managementSupport better management of the balance sheet to optimize liquidity and earnings, minimize concentration risk, and reduce expenses associated with traditional channels.



community reinvestmentMaximize impact of local programs around the country, leverage network effects, and diversify risk of funding and involvement in such efforts.



financial healthExplore, develop, and implement multiple approaches to measuring financial health and to design and employ innovative tools to help members improve their financial health over time.


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